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Traveling into the past
Strolling through the present
Imagining the future

Interactive journeys

WandelReisen enchants you with journeys into the past. Extensive walks or informative excursions immerse you in the excitement of past eras, let yourself get carried away and experience history. Demonstrative storytelling, accompanied by audio documentation and music, complemented by anecdotes, go along with original costumes, meals and entertainment. It's all about the combination! Our historical tours are indeed travels through time, and they make you reflect, rhapsodize and fantasize.

Working with professionals

We are prepared to handle the special wishes and prerequisites of your group, whether it is concerning the topics, the atmosphere or the language (with tours in German, English, Russian, French, Spanish, or Chinese . . .) We guarantee the smooth organization of entertaining and thoughtful guided tours, so that you can feel confident about the success of the event and attend it without stress. Leave it to us, we will realize your ideas with reliability, flexibility and professionalism.


The hub of WandelReisen is Heribert von Reiche, a native Berliner and an expert of urban history. For more than 20 years now he has been guiding interested crowds through the German capital and the surrounding Mark Brandenburg, he lets the stone witnesses of passing time tell their stories and enthusiastically revives old lifestyles and tastes. He is assisted by Christina Benedict, who originates from East-Berlin and holds a degree in cultural sciences, as well as other adept city guides.